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The Plinth Molding is a great start on a magnificent exterior. They fit perfectly in their looks and their dimensions into the Stonetile product line. Use them along the entire bottom of you exterior. They are also designed to fit perfectly at the bottom of 12” and 18” pillars and quoins.
15” high by 12" to 36” long.

The Plinth Molding is 15” high and the end pieces fit on either a 12”, 18” or 24”post or quoin. The straight moldings (stretchers) are 36”+ long. The thickness is 2” not including the 10mm (3/8”) galvanized hanger.
*Prices available upon request due to cost fluctuations*

  • Plinth Straight: $23.00 per lin. ft.
  • Plinth Ends: $30.00 per lin. ft.
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