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Installation Installation Videos
Stonetile Installation Videos

We have created 12 installation videos in length from about 2 minutes to 6 minutes for a total of about 45 minutes. You may need to pause repeatedly and absorb all the information. You may be interested to do a small installation on your own home or your interest may lie in pursuing this golden opportunity of becoming a professional Stonetile craftsperson. In order to do this and if you do not have any of the required tools you will need to purchase about $1000 of tools. Scaffolding and some other timesaving tools may be an additional $3000. To properly learn we suggest that you pick up some damaged Stonetile tiles and moldings and duplicate the various lessons. Have fun learning this new trade.

Tool & Supply Review
Here you see all the hand tools that you need.
Layout, Cutting, Starter Row
We are teaching you to do a wall layout, how to cut a tile and how to deal with the starter row.
Papering, Flashing
This video covers the installation of flashing and building paper.
Mark, Cut, Grind holes in Tiles
Learn how to put marks on tiles, how to make perfect cuts, when and how to grind, and cut round holes.
Cut, Fit & Grind Moldings
Learn to cut, grind and fit moldings in place.
Install Plinth, Sill, & Shim
Learn how to install the heavier plinth and sill moldings and how to do some shimming.
Caulking and Sanding
This video teaches how to caulk and sand the joints.
Pillar Installing
Learn how to build to wooden plywood sub-structure for a Stonetile pillar and how to install it.
Arch & Underside of Arch
Learn how to deal with arches and the underside of arches.
Replacing a Broken Tile
Replace a tile in that middle of a finished wall.
Cornice Cutting
This video teaches how to install the cornice moldings.
Shimming of Tiles
This video teaches how you can deal with concrete shimming issues.