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About Stonetile
Stonetile (Canada) Ltd.

Stonetile’s founder and president, Peter Kuelker knew there had to be an alternative to costly natural stone masonry. With that, he began to explore and engineer a unique all weather solution that was reasonably priced, highly durable and available in a wide variety of colors, textures and styles.

From its humble beginnings, Stonetile has grown into a state of the art, North American company based in Calgary, Alberta. With impeccable quality control and production from the 13,000 sq. ft. plant, Stonetile continues to deliver customers a product with an enduring style all its own.

Installed to exacting standards by our highly trained craftsmen, each
Stonetile project carries a 10 year guarantee providing, long term investment benefits to new or renovated buildings.

Stonetile is a sophisticated, comprehensive, architectural cladding product line that replicates the look of real stone work. Stonetile uses a unique mechanical fastening system without using mortar which means it can be installed year-round in all weather conditions.

Stonetile’s innovative “Rain Screen system” ensures a continuous airspace between the stone cladding and the building allowing ventilation of trapped moisture to escape, virtually eliminating any possibility of wood rot or mould formation. Stonetile Canada Ltd. is the originator of this revolutionary cladding system and holds patents for product design in both the U.S. and in Canada.

Stonetile offers many advantages over traditional masonry products, yet is a cost effective solution. Using only the highest quality engineered and tested precast, installed by our certified craftsman, Stonetile is an enduring permanent exterior solution.