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About Stonetile

Stonetile is manufactured in a state of the art computerized process. It ensures that all our formulas are dispensed precisely for each batch. All forms are covered during the heated curing phase. This process ensures high quality product but at the same time it allows us to produce each one of our richly crafted pieces at affordable prices.

The raw material we use to create our high density concrete is the finest ground stone available, without impurities such as iron stone, pyrite or coal thus preventing unsightly rust spots.

Customarily pumice or expanded shale is used in the production of manufactured stone. These materials have a negative impact on our environment due to the fact that long distance transportation is required as well as high energy requirements for manufacturing in case of the expanded shale production. High Density concrete can not be achieved with these materials. And since these materials are highly water absorbent, concrete longevity is difficult to achieve.