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About Stonetile
About History

Stonetile (Canada) Ltd.

The Stonetile idea was conceived when Peter Kuelker observed stone masons installing hand carved stone on a building in Calgary. These stones had been imported from Mexico and stemmed from a building that had fallen in the major Mexican earth quake a couple of years earlier.

1988 The first tile was made on April 20, 1988. Home garage was used to do a lot of the initial experimentation.
1988 A $25000 grant was secured from the Alberta Innovative Housing Grants Program It took almost 2 years of time to develop the form and backer board, the hanger and production system.
1989 The first leased facility was 1200 sq. ft. and served as office, show room, and the production area. Several months of further development followed.
1990 The first government approval was the provincial approval: Alberta Product Listing
1990 Asides from installing tiles on Peters own home the first full installation was done in the fall of 1990 on a new home located on the east side of Chestermere Lake.
1991 Stonetile was introduced to the general public in February 1991 at the Calgary Home and Garden Show. The customer response was overwhelming. The second significant installation was done in the spring of 1991 at 37 Woodhaven View.
1995 18 months after leasing the first facility the production was moved to a 3500 Sq. Ft. space. We outgrew this space by January 1995 and moved to a 6000 sq. ft. location in which we operated for 4 years.
1997 Stonetile expands by opening a distributor Edmonton in the summer 1997.
1999 Due to manufacturing needs, Stonetile is relocated to its present facility in February of 1999. 13,000 sq. ft.
1999 It was also in 1999 when Stonetile received the CCMC evaluation. Extensive engineering tests preceded obtaining this approval.
2003 Stonetile expands again into eastern Canada opening a distributor in Halifax.
2006 Stonetile increases the 6mm Rain screen space to a 10mm space, conforming to the 2005 national building code.
2007 Stonetile Vancouver opened its doors in the summer of 2007.
2007 Stonetile Saskatoon is started.
2008 Stonetile starts using new formula with pure ground limestone. This eliminated the rust spot issues.
2010 Starts a full time proactive Rust spot repair program.
2011 Stonetile developed the Cabo Stone product.