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About Stonetile
General Questions

What is Stonetile?

How long will Stonetile last?

What maintenance is required?

Will it match with my existing style of my home?

Will it match with my existing siding?

What happens when a tile or molding gets damaged?

What will my home look like with Stonetile?

Do you make cultured stone?

Who makes Stonetile and where is the factory?

Where is it sold?

Why are there sometimes rust spots on Stonetile?

What is the Rain-screen system?

Can Stonetile be installed over stucco?

Can Stonetile be installed over Styrofoam?

Can Stonetile be installed over siding?

Can the whitish stains be removed?

Could I use Stonetile inside?

How do I clean Stonetile?

Can it be installed in winter?

How long is the manufacturer’s warranty?

Will Stonetile fade?

How is Stonetile installed?

Do you replace tiles or moldings that have rust spots?

Technical Questions

Why is there a patent on Stonetile?

Is there a government approval on Stonetile?

What is CCMC?

Can Stonetile be painted?

Do all the tiles have to be fastened to the studs?

What is Stonetile made of?

Are the joints completely water tight?

How heavy is Stonetile?

Should the brick always be removed?

Is Stonetile treated with a sealer?

How do I become a Stonetile craftsman?